Women drink wine. Men drink whiskey. Women like flowers. Men like cigars. That's what we were told growing up, and that is generally what we’ve experienced in culture. We’ve heard of events that use the tagline “wine and women” paired with something like: crochet, crafts, scrapbooking, etc., and we hope they never stop. Women coming together and drinking wine is terrific. Wine is good. Friends are good. And more often than not, the conversations and experiences during those times are terrific.


But we've always asked the question; why do men get to drink whiskey and smoke cigars while women sit in gardens and drink wine? Is that what they’d prefer? Do all men hate wine and all women hate whiskey?


Our guess is that these stereotypes are not aligned with actual preferences, rather they are mentalities that perpetuate the gender roles we’ve all come to learn and know so well.


The heart of Wine, Women and Whiskey, isn't just to taste wine. It is not just to taste whiskey. In fact, it’s not even about the drinks, (don’t get us wrong, we love the drinks, that’s why they are there)! Instead, this is a symbolic and empowering event allowing women to celebrate themselves. It's about coming together to share experiences to connect with one another. To feel encouraged about who you are as a woman in today's culture. This isn't your craft fair. This isn't your make-up party.


Let’s celebrate that you may like whiskey, even though culture says it’s a man’s drink. This is about the stay-at-home mom sitting next to the female CEO executive of the year and respecting each other. Because both have meaningful experiences, both have challenges, both face oppression, both have opportunities, both have value. We want to celebrate that.


No emotion is left off the table during this night. And each individual has the power to interact with what is presented as they see fit. Our hope, when you walk through the exit doors at the end of the night, is that you will feel encouraged, supported, empowered, confident, valued, respected, and loved, not to mention sore from laughing so hard.