Football Challenges


Runners will begin at Newberg High School football field and run until they successfully catch the football-collecting-turkey, where they will retrieve a football. Not only will they carry and use that football with them the remaining for the race, but that football is yours to keep!


Throughout the course, runners will enter three football skills challenge, the “Turkey Back Throwing Challenge,” “Wide Pilgrim Catching Challenge,” and the “Kick It On the Mayflower Kicking Challenge," which are explained below. Their final challenge is the 100-yard sprint down the sidelines to score a touchdown at the end of the 5k.



Turkey Back Throwing Challenge


Our so called TurkeyBacks will compete for distance and accuracy. Each runner throws their ball at one of the four targets. Hit the target that is 5 yards away, get the white chip. Hit the target that is 35 yards away, get the gold chip! But remember, each runner only gets one throw, one chance to hit any target they choose, there’s no re- throws!


Wide Pilgrim Catching Challenge


How good are your hands at catching a football? Can you catch a ball from 10 yards away? What about 50? It’s up to each runner to determine how far they want to run a football route to catch a football pass from a football player. Complete a catch from 10 yards and get a red chip, catch it from 50 yards out, get a gold chip!


Kick It On the Mayflower Kicking Challenge


Think you have the best boot around? Think you can punt a football into a trash can from 30 yards out? Think you’ll still have a good boot after running 4 kilometers? It’s the ultimate kicking test. Runners will punt their ball, skillfully attempting to land their ball in one of many Mayflower ships/trash bins around the grounds. 

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