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We are vision do-ers. If you have an idea and want it to happen without doing any of the work, we're here.


We are creators. If you want to host an engaging and memorable fundraising event, but don't know where to start. We're here.


We are team players. If you want to be involved in the process, let's hit the chalk board and storm away.


Check out the video from our VIP event, Charities Unite PDX: The Hangar Party!

Upcoming Creations

Our excited bones are tingling as we create these upcoming events in our creation lab!

An e37 Original Creation:
Play It Forward Gala


We have many dreams and passions. Dreams like a swimming pool full of chocolate milk and passions like our love for the color "pistachio green." But a big dream/passion combination of ours is bringing about positive societal change. There are many ways one can do that, but we love doing it through creative and engaging events. We love the full range of human emotions and the ability to smile. Events are a platform to bring together humans from all backgrounds and world-views in a positive environment. Whatever the event is, we hope those who participated leave more encouraged than when they arrived.

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Our home base is Lake Oswego, Oregon, but we love traveling. However, a trip on your half to Lake Oswego will be rewarded with glass of wine or a well crafted cup of coffee.

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